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Data Storage in Salesforce - specifically E2EAs and EA2Cs

We are running out of Data Storage in Salesforce, and E2EAs and EA2Cs are taking up 8 and 3 percent respectively. We were wondering if there is any way to reduce the size of these, and what the tradeoff is. Thanks!
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  • Emails take up storage in Salesforce. Unfortunately Salesforce storage limits and pricing is not great.

    That said, there are three things you can do to reduce your storage.

    1) Reduce your email's lifespan in Saleforce. This will directly reduce the "Email" and "E2EA" object counts.

    The default is set to 0 meaning unlimited. We suggest changing it to '12' months here.

    Emails > Admin > Advanced

    NOTE: changing the Email Lifespan setting means emails are automatically deleted. Please be absolutely sure before changing this Advanced setting.

    2) If the EA2C or EA2L or EmailAddrs object counts are too high, the only way to reduce those is to reduce the number of Contacts or Leads (respectively).

    You can mass-delete Contacts & Leads using SFDC's "mass delete" tool:

    3) Switch to Email to Activity rather than logging emails to our custom 'Emails' area. Salesforce charges you a little less storage space for their own 'activity' object.

    For further documentation and to activate this feature go to Emails > Admin > Email-to-Activity

    Read and follow the instructions on how to transfer your logged emails to "Activities" via Launch Batch Copy.

    Launch Batch copy will copy all your email to activities (Activity History section). When the batch copy is done you can then delete our "Emails" section from you Page Layouts and set your Email Lifespan to 1 (the minimum storage setting).
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