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Emails not logging into Salesforce, no Email logs to track the error or reason

Hi team,

I am writing regarding the emails not getting logged into Salesforce via IHance. Our orgID : ' 00D20000000Cj8r'
Need your help to identify the issue faced by few of our users as FEW of the emails are not getting logged into Salesforce, from couple of weeks

For ex: the email with subject line 'RE: NCN Zijprofielen' received today, by one of our users from their customer, is not logged into Salesforce under the relevant contact and I can't find any log for the same. So, I am not sure how to identify the issue. This is common concern raised by few of the iHance users from past 2-3weeks.

The problem is for few users and for few emails and it is not consistent.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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