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How can I send private email that will not log to

There are three ways to send an email and have it not log to

Method #1 - Ignore whole domains

If you want all the email between you and another company to be excluded from logging add the domain(s) of that company to your "Ignored email domains". Often people add their external accounting and hr firms to this list. They also add their VC's to this list.

Location: - Email tab - Admin subtab - Advanced subtab

Method #2 - Ignore certain people

If you don't want emails sent between you and another person to log you just need to add their email address(es) to your ignore list. You can do this in two places.

You can proactively add people to your ignore list on your Preferences tab at the very bottom. Just put in their email address and click "add".

Location: - Email tab - Preferences subtab - (The bottom of the page)

You can also add people re-actively from your "Pending Contacts and Leads" subtab. Just select "Ignore this address from now on" from the Action dropdown

Location: - Email tab - Pending Contacts and Leads subtab

Method #3 - Ignoring individual emails

You can ignore certain emails with specified content in the subject or body. You just have to type that string in an email and it will be skipped.

Location: - Email tab - Admin subtab - Advanced subtab

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