How do I troubleshoot if a user says an email didn't log?

A user is claiming an email didn't log what do you do?

1) Get the email in question. Never accept anything other than the actual email. If it is a sensitive topic then they can delete the content but not the subject of the email or the email addresses on it. Get it forwarded to you in a way that allows you to see the actual email address of the sender and recipients. If an inline forward masks the email address then get it forwarded to you as an attachment.

2) Next make sure the email address of the user in the email matches the email address of the user on the Email Admin tab . If it isn't an exact match then click 'edit' and add the user's email address to the user record.

Location: - Email tab - Admin

3) If the user's email address checks out then search for the subject of the email in the Admin Logs. The Admin Logs last up to 7 days but can be set to hold information logger on the Admin - Advanced tab. You must search for the subject of the email, we don't always record the sender/recipient information for privacy reasons.

Location: - Emails tab - Admin Logs

If you can find the email subject then the last line of the log tells you a lot of information. can help you here.

If there isn't any result then the system either didn't get the email or got it in a format that it couldn't read. In that case we are looking to set the user up properly.
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