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iHance SOQL limits within APEX

Good afternoon, I'm working on some triggers and classes that do bulk updates to accounts and contacts. It would seem that iHance doesn't bulkify their triggers. I'm seeing this query repeated over and over, thus crippling our updates since there is a SOQL limit of 200.

SELECT Id, i__Contact__c FROM EA2C__c
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  • Yes, we do.  That is certainly not the entire query you are seeing (there would be a where clause).  Or, if that is the entire query you are seeing, that is not our code but something custom in your environment.  

    We also do not CAPITALIZE OUR SOQL so I doubt that's from the iHance codebase.  We also do not mix and match use of the i__ prefix, as seen in the below query.

    And finally, there is exactly one place in our codebase where we query for those two fields from that object, and it is restricted by Contact__c: for (EA2C__c[] batch : [select Id, Contact__c from EA2C__c where Contact__c in :acctChanged.keySet()]) {


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