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Lets play chase the document rabbit

We create and store documents all over salesforce.

Often to share with clients (quotes, reports, etc)

Is it possible to have a button or link created that enables us to email a document right from salesforce?

Right now we have to create it... save it to our own system... go to the folder where it was saved... attach it to an email... look up the contact and copy paste the email address/s. (and doing all this this will not relate this email to any specific opportunity, sales order, quote, account)

Or we could do this....

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  • David,

    Sorry for the delay - GMail's new "promotional inbox" feature was eating our GetSatisfaction alerts!

    Per your question - right now, iHance does not have outbound email features, so we don't have what you are looking for. However, we are planning on adding such features. We'll add your document-based request to the list of possible features.

    In the meantime, it's possible you could get what you want with clever use of "custom buttons/links" for the Attachment or Document objects; but that's just a guess.

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