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Moving your Email section

We are often asked if there is a way to place a shortcut/button on the top of the page to quickly get to the Emails section vs. manually scrolling. Some pages get pretty long. You can NOT add it to the quick link (I am showing what the quick links are in the screenshot).

But you have two options:

1) You can edit your page layout so the email section is at the top. Just drag the email section where it will let you.

2) You could create a javascript "custom link" which figures out the DOM location of the "Emails" section and then causes the browser to scroll down to it. This would take some javascript skills, but adding "Custom Links" to the salesforce interface is definitely a possible thing (although custom links can only be placed into the "custom links" area of the page view. (Again, not at the very top of the page along with the Activities,Cases, etc quick links that SFDC provides).
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