When setting up Absolute Automation, on step 2, I get this error "Error - job finished with errors".

Sometimes initializing a customer's data fails and the process needs to be re-kicked (restarted). To do this, you will need to execute anonymous APEX code that can restart the initialization.

Please execute this, and any other anonymous APEX code with extreme caution!

To execute this code anonymously, go to the 'Developer Console' in Salesforce> Click on the "Debug" drop down> Select "Open Execute Anonymous Window"> Copy the code and paste it into the window> Click "Execute"

insert new i__AALog__c[] {

new i__AALog__c (Name = 'Maintenance scheduled: install', i__Text__c = ':contacts')

,new i__AALog__c (Name = 'Maintenance scheduled: install', i__Text__c = ':users')

,new i__AALog__c (Name = 'Maintenance scheduled: install', i__Text__c = ':leads')


This will allow the data to be re-initialized. After this is done, you can go back to 'Emails' tab and you will be able to go through the complete steps to set this up.
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  • I’m confused
    I executed the code at the anonymous apex but nothing happens, the console's log says the code from above executed correctly, then I go to the apex jobs and there's nothing. I installed the package in our fullcopy sandbox and everything worked correctly, but in production I'm stuck at this point.
    • These jobs simply create the junction tables that facilitate the relationship of one email to many contacts/leads/users.

      It looks like the Leads and Users portion of the initialization completed successfully, so there is no need to restart those jobs.

      You can run the anonymous apex and omit the last two lines for users and leads. All this will apex will do is create a maintenance job that builds those junction tables, so it looks like "nothing happened".

      You can go check the apex jobs section in Salesforce to view the progress. Once it completes, you should be good to go. Sometimes these jobs are better to run "after hours" so they aren't competing with normal everyday Salesforce business. So if it fails again, you may consider running it again this weekend.

      Let us know how it goes, and if you need further assistance.
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