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Why isn't email logging? Admin Logs and what they can tell you.

An email doesn't log and you want to know why. Our Admin Logs provide a great way understand what is happening. Here are the ways we use them.

1) Are ANY emails logging? Sometimes the best answer is that no emails are logging at all. Often this is because the admin password+token that is driving the iHance integration is bad. Check the date! If you don't see any recent emails in the Admin Logs and emails were logging in the past contact We do send daily emails reminders to the alert address that the password is bad but often employee turnover or vacation will prevent the password from being updated in a timely fashion.

2) Use the search box to search for emails that didn't log. For privacy reasons we don't always record who was emailing who in the Admin Logs but we do always record the time and the subject. This allows you to vector in on an email that a user thinks should have logged but didn't. The last line of any log entry tells us what we want to know.

LOG_OK - The email did log. Often the contact record that was being looked at has a different email address than the sent or received email.

NOLOG_SENDER_NOT_USER - This means the email was an outbound email but the email address of the sender is not attached to an active user account. Please look at the topic on setting up a user properly -

NOLOG_ALL_IGNORED - This means the user has added the external contact to their ignore list and the system is intentionally not logging the email.

NOLOG_CONTENT - This means the email had content in it that matched the "Ignoring emails based on content" setting (This setting can be found in on the Email tab - Admin subtab - Advanced subtab).

NOLOG_DUPLICATE - We think we got two of these emails and we think we logged one of them.

NOLOG_NO_RECIPS - This means all the recipients on the email were considered internal to the company. iHance doesn't log internal email.

NOLOG_NO_USERS - This meas that the email addresses in the To: or CC: field was not attached to an active user's account.