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Why would I want to use Email to Activities?

By default we log emails to our own Email section on the Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity and Case record.

We do this for 3 main reasons -

1) Break out the relatively large amount of email from the relatively small amount of activities that your reps manually log.
2) We feel we deal more elegantly with multiple recipient emails where we only show the email once on the Account layout vs. multiple times if it is logged to the Activity records of the underlining contacts.
3) We also display the email on every record that has the corresponding email address. So if you have a few records with all the records will show all the emails.

But some companies do prefer to log their emails to the Activity section for these reasons.

1) They prefer all activity on one list
2) reporting
3) Workflow

Emails can go to both sections depending on your needs. Sending them to both sections is most commonly done only if you have a workflow that acts on the email logged to Activites and then deletes it.

Location - - Email tab - Admin subtab - Email to Activities subtab

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